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Today’s Task: THE VENUE January 10, 2009

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Today’s task: THE VENUE

Can I just say– OH MY GOD YOU WANT ME TO PAY WHAT?!?!?!? Seriously, wedding reception costs are out of control, peeps!

Here is where we are going today:

1. Boerner Botanical Gardens.

It’s beautiful, has a perfect “gazebo” space and has reasonable cost. Plus, we catering is on site and we could get married there as well. (No need for a separate space for the ceremony.)

2. Hotel Metro.

It’s a gorgeous, updated Art Deco hotel here in town, and as I am an Art Deco fanatic, this would be a logical place to have my wedding. However, it is much more expensive— and yet we are looking at it anyway. Take this as “Bride Ignoring Cost and Her Own Common Sense, Exhibit 1”. Yes, we are looking “just in case we love it and we’ll just have to find the money somewhere…..”. On the other hand, the Zen garden and terrace (pictured above) is quite less expensive, but can only hold a max of 36 people for a reception. I am not sure we can get the guest list down THAT far….

3. The Pabst Mansion.

I am a history buff and as such this is the perfect place as well. A bit different feel than Art Deco, so we’ll see. The costs are reasonable, but their restrictions are amazing (as well they should be if you are inviting people in to party in a 100+ year old mansion.) Including, no red-tomato sauce. The irony? Two of their approved caterers are Italian restaurant….”Today’s Menu: Italian Wedding Cookies, Chicken Alfredo and Garlic Bread!” A menu to match the bride’s dress I guess! I know this place will make me miss St. Louis’ Lemp Mansions and all its ghosts. Now THAT would be a place to have a wedding.

4. Bacchus Restaurant.

This restaurant has special meaning for Sergei and I as we’ve had some romantic dinners here, and it’s also got a great 1940s vibe to it (you can totally imagine Bogie walking in at any moment.) Problem I think will be $$. I haven’t got all the details yet, so we’ll see.

And then I’d like to have lunch at a little spot in town that is rumored to have great sea salt caramels, which is what I’d love to have for our favors.

I’m off to get in the shower and get exploring. Our findings later!


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