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Wedding planners (the portfolios, not the people) January 12, 2009

First let me say– I love stationary! Any reason to buy a new notebook or paper product just makes my heart sing. So of course, one of the first things I went looking for upon my engagement was a wedding planner. I just need something basic to keep track of the details.

Sadly, I still haven’t found one! I just want something that has modern style and design, but without the ridiculous pricetag that seems to come from anything with the word “WEDDING” attached to it. I don’t want to this to have to be “budgeted’- I just want to be able to pick one up with a little bit of leftover money that had been budgeted to gas for the car. I am not sure that is going to be possible.

Some of my favorite choices:

Martha Stewart Wedding. Price at Amazon: $35.

Come on- it’s Martha for heaven’s sakes! How can you go wrong? I trust that every single thing I could ever wonder about will be addressed in this book.

Don’t let it be said, however, that Martha is not a generous woman. There is also the FREE online Martha Stewart planner. I have signed up for this, but I haven’t really filled it out. I just really want something on paper that I can easily reference with just the flip of a page.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide Price at Amazon: $11.53, which makes me wonder if a new edition is coming out soon. I love I have a huge “notebook” of ideas on their site, and I like the way the site is organized. I am sure that I would love this book. The price is speaking to me…..and after all, it IS eligible for Super Saver Shipping!

And then… then there’s the planner that speaks to the true stationary lover in me. It’s by Russell+Hazel, whose stationary I just love (for some reason, I especially love their To Do post it notes. Fabulous.)  This past year they debuted their wedding planner and it is gorgeous, and everything I am looking for in a wedding planner– stylish, well organized and appointed, plenty of space for samples and brides magazine cutouts.

Russell+Hazel Wedding Planner

And all of this could be mine for $75. *Gasp, die* However, Russell+Hazel, knowing that even poor people like me deserve style in their wedding planning, have put their wedding planner pages online for us to download.

Do you hear that noise? It’s the angels singing! They are rejoicing that I get to have style and be a cheap miser at the same time!! **que Handel’s Hallelujah chorus**

So, I think that I am going to go to and order myself one of their high quality binders (I have some and I do love them) and just print out the R+H wedding planner and use that. Still not totally bargain basement, but still stylish and it will make me happy.

What do you all think? Should I purchase a “real” wedding planner, or make my own?


4 Responses to “Wedding planners (the portfolios, not the people)”

  1. Emily Says:

    Broadway paper has a really cute wedding planner, but I don’t know the price. Have fun planning!!

  2. jessimarie33 Says:

    Thank you for the comment and the website info! Check back, as I will be adding thoughts and ideas on the wedding all the time! I love your ideas and your site as well, and will add your link to my site if that is ok? Also, I say make your own… it will be more unique and mean more in the end! 🙂

  3. Abbie Says:

    I bought the MS planner, and it fell off the binding! I sent it back and got a refund. Then, I checked the reviews and several people had that issue. So, I wouldn’t suggest it.

  4. tonya Says:

    Oh my gosh NO WAY! I am really surprised. Somehow, I am sure that Martha would not think that was a good thing! Thanks for letting me know- I am going planner shopping with my mom this weekend and I will just mark that one off the list for sure.

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