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Glassybaby = WANT! January 13, 2009

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Wow! Check out these gorgeous, handblown votive cups by Glassybaby Forever.  They would make the perfect wedding accessory, or bridesmaid gift, or luminary…or who-cares-I-just-want-one. They come in over 70 colors! They have an entire page of greens and oranges and browns… oh my… check out the one named “Keith” below. Even though I am not doing the Tiffany blue/brown motif, I still might order one of these for myself.

“Keith”, aka my new boyfriend.

Sunset Orange. oh yeah….

Green Lake— OF MY DREAMS!

I even love the two tones. These speak to me of my childhood and fabulous 1970s fondue parties.

Root Beer = yum.

Wren. I don’t like birds in general, but this baby could nest in my cabinet anytime.

You can even buy them in sets of 3 for the color-matching inhibited such as myself!

Orange You Glad

Got To Have Them Greens

Calm. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a lake house or seaside motif?

AND you can create a wishlist. AND you can sign up for a “Glassybaby-of-the-month club”. Creator Lee Rhodes even has special editions that proceeds are donated to charity. I am totally in love with these! The are pricey though- a whopping $40 each to purchase, although you can rent them for your event for $5 a piece. (Which  is totally brillant!) I still might have to order a Keith or two with my leftover birthday money……


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