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Color Palette Creators January 19, 2009

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One of the first questions you get as a bride is “What are your colors?” AAARRGG!! All I can answer is brown, orange, with a bit of green. My inspiration is my pysanka that my fiance and I purchased at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City. Here it is with my ring:

Photo taken by my creative fiance in the windowsill of my vintage apartment.

But how do you create a palette from an egg? Turns out there are some computer website I have to say are just magical. They will take your photo and create a palette for you.

I decided to give it a try, using the above photo.

My first website: Here’s the palette they gave me:


I think that I am definitely a more “vibrant” type of bride! I am not so sure about the reds or orange (hello pumpkin!) but I do like the brown. I need to find a pysanka with orange, brown and green, because of course there is very little green in this photo!

There is also a color palette generator at Color Hunter but I am apparently too computer-unsavvy to figure out how to post what it gave me, although I liked it. 🙂

And then, there is You can download your photo and it will generate tons of palettes based on different parts of the photo. It will also pick out individual colors from the photos, and you can save the colors and palettes as your favorites. Totally cool.

Here is a list of 25 color palette creators on the web. Have fun! I’d love to see what fun palettes y’all can come up with in warm autumn oranges, browns and greens- or your own palettes!


2 Responses to “Color Palette Creators”

  1. arinz1 Says:

    I like your inspiration – very cool.

  2. tonya Says:

    Thanks! I know it’s kind of unusual, but that’s part of the fun of it, right? 😉

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