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Milwaukee Sea Salt Caramels! Wahoo! January 23, 2009

OK, I want everyone to google “Milwaukee” and “Sea Salt Caramels.” Seriously, go ahead. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.


And now you see my conundrum. There is one purveyor of sea salt caramel gelato (Pacuigo) and Amy’s Candy Kitchen, whose apples covered in chocolate and sea salt caramel sound delish, but are not exactly what I am looking for.

I am a big fan of supporting local business. The business owners around town are trying their best to compete with the WalMarts and Barnes and Nobles of the world, and I like to help them out when I can afford it. So I really wanted to find a sea salt caramel here in Milwaukee, but I have really been struggling. Even Kehr’s doesn’t carry a sea salt caramel. Is it possible I am a little bit too trendy/ahead of the curve for my quaint adopted hometown?

When I was just about to shrug my shoulders and give up, I hit upon a totally random link on Yelp, to a little place called Times Bistro and Pizzeria. Even though their name doesn’t indicate it, their owner is also a magnificent candy maker, and, lo and behold, one kind Yelp reviewer happened to mention their sea salt caramels. Naturally, I had to beat it down to Times Bistro and check it out for myself. At first I couldn’t find it, and then I realized they are part of a gas station complex! This really is just the most random link up ever. But the caramels were awesome (NOM NOM NOM!!!) and  my adventure was well worth it. I was not disappointed.

These caramels are lovely! They are blessedly a bit more gooey on the inside than what you usually find from a store-bought caramel.  I thought they could use a bit more sea salt myself, but Sergei thought they were absolutely perfect. I think I might have found my wedding favors!


One Response to “Milwaukee Sea Salt Caramels! Wahoo!”

  1. Bridechka Says:

    Those look beyond delish!! Send some of these NY bound will ya?

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