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Blue and Mustard inspiration! January 30, 2009

As every new internet-savvy bride-to-be is doing, I am constantly surfing around looking for inspiration on several different bridal blogs. One of my favorite is snippet & ink. Quite often they have inspiration boards– boards that tie together elemets of a different themes or color schemes.  I am still too spastic and haven’t figured out exactly what I want yet, so I am still surfing and collecting ideas.

This inspiration board from snippet & ink features the colors blue and mustard yellow. I have to admit, it’s not a color palette that I would have originally come up with on my own, but it’s just gorgeous if it’s pulled off correctly!

Aren’t those colors just gorgeous? (You can click on the photo for a larger look. The original page with photo credits is here.) I am not confident enough in my own style-ability to pull off something as cutting edge as this palette, (just one shade off on the blue or the mustard and it might look like a used diaper!) but I think it’s just gorgeous and has tons of possibilities.

What do you all think? Anyone else tackling a nontraditional, modern palette with success? I’d love to hear ideas!


One Response to “Blue and Mustard inspiration!”

  1. Abbie Says:

    I really like this color combo… especially the idea of wearing yellow shoes!

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