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Cake is a powerful food!* February 20, 2009

*It is has the power to bring people together!~ Jim Gaffigan

I love cake. Forget pies- just load up the buttercream and send it on my way. I don’t even care what kind of cake. Carrot cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, yellow cake. As long as it doesn’t have anything too weird in it (e.g. fruitcake or- ew- nuts), then send it on my way.

So, in planning a wedding, the cake is the #2 thing, second only to invitations, that I am really drooling over. I have barely even thought about the dress, but I’ve looked at 1000 photos of cakes. And I think I’ve found the one:

Image courtesy of Cake by Vanilla Bake Shop, Santa Monica, CA

I love absolutely everything about it! The shape, the dots, the ORANGE! (Oh heavens how I love orange.) I’d say, though, that we’ll probably put pysanky-related fondant on the cake, or maybe not. But I just love this cake. (And the cake stand! Wow, gorgeous. I am now actively on the search for one just like this one!) ETA: I think I found the cake stand! Here. Now, do you think it’s the large one or the medium one?

What do you all think? Too weird and nontraditional or modern cool?


4 Responses to “Cake is a powerful food!*”

  1. Leika Says:

    Modern cool. Love the dots, and the orange! But I definitely like the idea of a pysanky design for your cake!!

  2. Abbie Says:

    Great cake! I would ask the cake baker what size stand you should get. I would assume the larger one. You could reuse the stand, too!

  3. tonya Says:

    That’s a good suggestion. I am going to try to hit some bakeries this weekend with my mom, so I will be bringing that photo as Exhibit 1 and I will ask them. They will probably think I am a totally picky bride!

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