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Matryoshka <3 February 26, 2009

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I have always loved matryoshka dolls. (Funny how in some ways I really do think I was engineered to fall in love with a Soviet.) When I was a child, a family friend of ours had a set of authentic matryoshkas and when we would visit I would sit and take them apart and put them back together for hours while my parents visited with their friends. I just love them. I was thinking about including a matryoshka somewhere in our motif, but I think it might just be ethnic overkill with the pysanky going on already. Plus, they are really Russian, not Ukrainian. And ask any Ukrainian– there IS a difference!

And somehow, it seems that they have suddenly become popular in the past year or so! Suddenly my beloved matryoshka are everywhere and I am *loving* it!

From top down, left to right:

1. Lavender Nesting Dolls from Handle & Spout 

2. Tshirt from Etsy’s MaryInk 

3. Matryoshka Pouch from Etsy’s simbiosisbyjulia  

4. Matryoshka Notebook by Etsy’s bismo080 

5. Custom Rubber Stamp by Etsy’s babyjewels 

6. Matryoshka Hand Carved Stamp by Etsy’s craftpudding 

7. Matryoshka tea towel by Etsy’s SweetPeaandCo

And then….. for the nerds out there like Sergei and I, these nesting dolls are just awesome!

star wars dolls

star wars dolls

Star Wars Matryoshka from Neatorama


Matryoshkus Blanco by ArtLebedev

And then I just have to post this one in full size because it’s so beautifully detailed. It’s a template for printing paper and stickers, etc., from A Print A Day (And at $3.99, you know I ordered one!)


5 Responses to “Matryoshka <3”

  1. Irena Pasvinter Says:

    Star War Matryoshka – that’s really unforgettable!:)
    Have to show those to my son!

  2. Wow! The stars wars ones are hilarious. I’m so happy to have just found your blog! I’m gonna take a lil look around.

  3. tonya Says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I hope you find other things you like 😉

  4. Tim Says:

    I really like those star wars dolls. And I’ve seen that terabyte/gigabyte… one getting a lot of popularity all over the net lately. In fact i’ve seen the whole nesting doll idea taking off lately, had some neat nesting doll shirts for awhile.

    We’ve recently relaunched our site that sells some nesting dolls, and nesting doll related accessories, if you’d be willing to check it out we’d appreciate it, the links on my name.

  5. Alex Says:

    You should check out this website… I have seen some awesome designs from them before:

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