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Jim Gaffigan on Cake March 6, 2009

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In my previous post about cake, I referenced comedian Jim Gaffigan’s comment about cake. I absolutely adore Jim Gaffigan- I think he’s *hilarious*. I finally found a copy of his cake bit online that hasn’t been deleted so I just have to share it. It’s from his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, so you have to forward to about 0:54 to get into the bit about cake.

This still makes me LOL and I’ve heard it a million times. 🙂 And his new bit on bacon almost makes me cry, it’s so funny.



5 Responses to “Jim Gaffigan on Cake”

  1. Dominic Ford Says:

    Hey, I haven’t heard a peep from you for a couple weeks. You alive and ok?

  2. tonya Says:

    Hi Dominic! I am indeed live and well and totally swamped! I am preparing a post that hopefully I’ll be able to get up by tomorrow. Thank you for checking in on me! 🙂

  3. Dominic Ford Says:

    Well, I’m glad to hear it! I miss seeing your pretty updates and cool stuff you are planning!

    Oh, and my wife discovered Etsy… what do I do? She’ll never be the same again! (She really, really, really likes it!)

  4. tonya Says:

    oohh Etsy! It is SUCH a dangerous place! But so wonderful because you know that every penny you are spending is going right to the artist. It’s like guilt free shopping! Plus you can get so much customization!

  5. Dominic Ford Says:

    Oh, it’s the customization that hooked her! She’d talk to an artist and they’d be like “Oh, SURE! I’d love to do it with polka dots, that’d be super cute!”

    Somehow, she has resisted actually spending money on anything, but it is very much only a matter of time.

    Anyway, glad to hear we’ll be getting another post from you soon!

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