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Thank You Notes March 6, 2009

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Ah, the thank you note. That requisite piece of paper that shows your gratitude to everyone involved in your wedding, and heaven forbid you should forget anyone! According to Emily Post, we have 3 months to thank everyone for a wedding gift. Luckily, I don’t plan on having more than 50 people at my wedding, so that should not be a problem.  But besides the pleasure of sending those closest to you a token of your esteem, the fun part about thank you notes is that you have another reason to shop for more stationary. Yay!!

In my searching for wedding stationary, I have run across several invitations “suites”, where the RSVP cards, invitations, Save the Dates, all have the same motif. They all match, basically. I call shenanigans on this practice! I agree that the ceremony-related items should match, like the invitation, program, table cards, etc. They will all help to tie the theme of the wedding together. But I say let your fancy fly when it comes to save the dates and thank you notes. I will probably buy thank you notes in various quanities from various paperies as I go along, and send different thank you notes to everyone. That is the fun of it I think– more reasons to use and delight in more stationary! And these little gems are on my short list (and naturally they are all from Etsy!)

Letterpress Arts and Crafts thank yous in Green, by Armato Design. $12 for 6

Letterpress Thank yous by Orange Beautiful. $16 for 6.

Look at these beauties! Letterpress Yellow and Orange Wildflower thank yous by Twinravespress. $20 for 6.

Letterpress Elegant Scrolls thank yous in Blue again by Twinravenspress. $20 for 6

And if you have a French/modern theme going, how are these for fun? Lettpress Etienne thank yous from smockpaper. $14 for 6

What do you think? Should ALL stationary you use match, or are you going to go for the eclectic mix and match for thank yous?


5 Responses to “Thank You Notes”

  1. Dominic Ford Says:

    Sometimes stationary matching matters. More often, it makes very little difference, as most people will never realize that you used 15 different cards. If they do realize, it seems to me that they would be more likely to be impressed by the variety and eclecticism than be put off (as long as you use similar quality cards. I doubt you’d have issues with the selections above, they all look nice).

    If I had to pick one, though, I’d go with the Yellow and Orange Wildflowers. If I received one of those, I’d be more likely to keep it, mostly because it looks really snazzy.

  2. tonya Says:

    Thanks Dominic! I do love those yellow flowers. Good point about matching quality- I am a sucker for letterpress so I’d make sure they were all letterpress. Because you *know* somehow random people would compare notes! 🙂

  3. Dominic Ford Says:

    I know my wife would. She’d be at her friend’s house, and see one, and say “Hey, this is really cool!” and then flip to the inside and realize the card she got is completely different.

    Of course, then she’d come to the sender and ask to see all of them. But then, she really, really likes cool cards like the ones you are looking at.

  4. Bridechka Says:

    I am not really into the matchy matchy, i say mix it up!

  5. Nicole Says:

    Naturally, I heart the Merci Beaucoup cards. So lovely!

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