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Themes, themes, themes March 24, 2009

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So, as I posted earlier, I have really fallen off of the wedding planning train in the last month (and yes, I promise to be better!) I think that it just got a bit overwhelming and then life intervened and it all needed to go bye-bye for a bit. Which I think was a good thing. I needed to get some focus, especially after the *very* high-falooting wedding shows my mom and I attended. I needed to remind myself not to get caught up in it all. I just don’t need every amazing detail that I see on the amazing wedding blogs out there and at these shows- I don’t need menu cards and an aisle runner and handdrawn maps of Milwaukee. I just don’t need all of that stuff, as much as I *want* it. That being said, I still draw inspiration from many places and I will still be looking. And I promise to post here a lot of the goodies that I find and fall in love with along the way. 😉

OK so I hope that wasn’t a downer. It certainly wasn’t mean to be. AND now back to your regularly scheduled wedding programming!

So here is my latest conundrum. A wedding is supposed to be all about you both and reflect your personality and likes in every detail, right? Well I can’t simply seem to find ways to incorporate everything I want to incorporate! The things that are meaningful or representational of us all have absolutely nothing to do with each other. For example:

1. Ukrainian heritage. Sergei is from Ukraine, hence the pysanky theme that we started with. I feel very attached and devoted to this theme and don’t want to waver from it at all. And I want to incorporate some Ukrainian wedding traditions into the day as well. On the other hand, I don’t want the wedding/reception to look like a wing at a Ukrainian museum.

2. The Statue of Liberty. (Yes, that is totally random, but hang with me for a sec.) I am actually a collector of SoL memorabilia, and Sergei asked me to marry him at the statue, so this obviously has an even deeper meaning for me now. And of course, Sergei is a immigrant (and a citizen now) so naturally that all ties into the lady herself as well.

3. Art Deco. I simply love art deco. Art deco everything- interior design, fonts, fashion, and of course I am a *huge* Cary Grant fan so it would be fun to do a 30s Hollywood theme. I’d love to have some Art Deco touches to the whole thing.

And that is just the top 3. There’s also the Japanese origami kusudama decorations I *love* that I read about on Wedding Bee. Sergei loves origami (and Japanese culture in general) so it would fit well with us. There’s my Dutch heritage that has played a huge part in my life growing up in a Dutch town (windmills, delft, wooden shoes)  and my love of tulips that are not readily available in the fall. There’s how Sergei loves to sail and spent every summer sailing as a kid (and will probably spend this summer sailing as well.)

Etc. etc., ad infinitum. I feel that in this age’s trend towards ultimate customization down to the last detail, I just can’t seem to find a way to pick one or two main elements and let them stand for us as a whole. Anyone else faced this dilemma? How did you (or how are you planning to) create a wedding that reflects you adequately?


4 Responses to “Themes, themes, themes”

  1. Dominic Ford Says:

    We didn’t, honestly. We tried to work in stuff, but I’m into things like D&D and she likes stuff like scrapbooking, so we couldn’t find a happy medium that didn’t come off campy.

    So we scrapped it and just went with a nice autumnal theme. It was pretty, elegant, and a lot easier than trying to insert all our different interests.

    We did cut the cake with a machete though (this spawned a competition. In our social group, cakes have since been cut with such things as a lightsaber, a broad sword, etc).

  2. tonya Says:

    I am glad to hear I’m not the only one with this problem. I think we might just have to go with kind of what you did- a nice autumnal theme and maybe a pysanky here or there! OMG I love the idea of cutting the cake with a lightsaber- or like you did with a sword! That is totally cool. And personal.

  3. Refined Designer Says:

    Hey Tonya, somehow I managed to miss the fact that Sergei is Ukranian! I am also Ukranian and plan to incorporate this into my wedding as well. My thoughts are to, at the very least, include a polka dance for my elder relatives. I was also thinking of making each table themed to add flair. For you, this would be a great way to incorporate each theme into a miniature table scape. I.e. Cary Grant table, Ukranian (forgot what they are called, but wooden dolls?) table collage, etc. Makes it more difficult, but just an idea!

  4. Dina Says:

    Hi, We are getting married and have a theme which is “origami art deco”. 🙂 So far it works well. We will decorate with origami cranes, but also have art deco elements. Both have a sculptural aspect to them, which we build upon. That would work with the Statue of Liberty too. Make it look a bit art deco :-). What does Ukranian art deco style look like? Maybe you get it all together!

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