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Themes, themes, themes March 24, 2009

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So, as I posted earlier, I have really fallen off of the wedding planning train in the last month (and yes, I promise to be better!) I think that it just got a bit overwhelming and then life intervened and it all needed to go bye-bye for a bit. Which I think was a good thing. I needed to get some focus, especially after the *very* high-falooting wedding shows my mom and I attended. I needed to remind myself not to get caught up in it all. I just don’t need every amazing detail that I see on the amazing wedding blogs out there and at these shows- I don’t need menu cards and an aisle runner and handdrawn maps of Milwaukee. I just don’t need all of that stuff, as much as I *want* it. That being said, I still draw inspiration from many places and I will still be looking. And I promise to post here a lot of the goodies that I find and fall in love with along the way. 😉

OK so I hope that wasn’t a downer. It certainly wasn’t mean to be. AND now back to your regularly scheduled wedding programming!

So here is my latest conundrum. A wedding is supposed to be all about you both and reflect your personality and likes in every detail, right? Well I can’t simply seem to find ways to incorporate everything I want to incorporate! The things that are meaningful or representational of us all have absolutely nothing to do with each other. For example:

1. Ukrainian heritage. Sergei is from Ukraine, hence the pysanky theme that we started with. I feel very attached and devoted to this theme and don’t want to waver from it at all. And I want to incorporate some Ukrainian wedding traditions into the day as well. On the other hand, I don’t want the wedding/reception to look like a wing at a Ukrainian museum.

2. The Statue of Liberty. (Yes, that is totally random, but hang with me for a sec.) I am actually a collector of SoL memorabilia, and Sergei asked me to marry him at the statue, so this obviously has an even deeper meaning for me now. And of course, Sergei is a immigrant (and a citizen now) so naturally that all ties into the lady herself as well.

3. Art Deco. I simply love art deco. Art deco everything- interior design, fonts, fashion, and of course I am a *huge* Cary Grant fan so it would be fun to do a 30s Hollywood theme. I’d love to have some Art Deco touches to the whole thing.

And that is just the top 3. There’s also the Japanese origami kusudama decorations I *love* that I read about on Wedding Bee. Sergei loves origami (and Japanese culture in general) so it would fit well with us. There’s my Dutch heritage that has played a huge part in my life growing up in a Dutch town (windmills, delft, wooden shoes)  and my love of tulips that are not readily available in the fall. There’s how Sergei loves to sail and spent every summer sailing as a kid (and will probably spend this summer sailing as well.)

Etc. etc., ad infinitum. I feel that in this age’s trend towards ultimate customization down to the last detail, I just can’t seem to find a way to pick one or two main elements and let them stand for us as a whole. Anyone else faced this dilemma? How did you (or how are you planning to) create a wedding that reflects you adequately?


More Wedding Invitations! February 25, 2009

More lovlies from those hardworking indies over at my beloved  I think that I am having some real spring fever, because the flowered invites I am running across are seriously putting a smile on my face.

Katie” Letterpress by Bellis Studios. Isn’t this a fun suite for a fall wedding?

I *love* gerber daisies so this suite really is a favorite of mine as well. “Gerber Daisy” by Cheerupcherup:

Cheerupcherup’s Sunburst Save the Date is rocking my world too:

I am also loving the whimsy of “Rings” by SilhouetteBlue:


“Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride” Bridal Show February 24, 2009

OK so I realize that very few of you reading this blog are Milwaukee brides, but I still have to ask: anyone else going to the Milwaukee’s Magnificent Bride bridal show on Sunday? I got free tickets through Broadway Paper (thank you Tracie!) and my mom is coming into town to do some wedding planning, so this should be a good time. It’s at the very high-end Pfister Hotel and the tickets for the show came in a hand-calligraphied envelope on shiny champagne colored paper, so apparently I am going to be in tall cotton. I hope I don’t fall in love with everything I can’t afford!

Have you been to a bridal show lately? Was it helpful in planning?


Wedding shoes

I am six feet tall, which has always made shoe shopping a challenge. I just really can’t wear high heels without looking like a complete giant. That being said, it doesn’t stop me from drooling over super cute shoes I know I won’t be able to wear!

One of my favorite companies is Chinese Laundry. Their shoes and bags are *so* cute.

I am loving these for wedding wear: (these are all available in other colors too)

Jemmy“- on sale for $50!

Baldwin“- I can’t imagine not falling on my keyster- but so cute! ($60)

And for something blue: “Mystic“- on sale for $40!

Apparently I like rhinestone/funky buckles. 🙂

I am also *really* excited about Lela Rose teaming up with Payless shoes to create a line of custom dyeable wedding shoes. (Lela Rose is the maker of the dress I desperately want.) Now that’s what I am talking about! The venture is called Unforgettable Moments, and apparently they are available in stores now with the website getting ready to launch in March. I can’t wait!

Even the shoes in this preview shot are adorable. Cost effective stylish shoes make me *so* happy.


Bridesmaid gift idea: quick snap pockets February 5, 2009

So, I am an etsy addict. I just love buying something handmade by people who are *so* creative. I have lately been looking for a fun replacement for my wallet, so I went to Etsy. And what did I find but DearSukie? She makes gorgeous wallets, Moo card holders, Id holder keychains, regular business card holders, etc etc out of high quality paper covered in vinyl. So cute! Check it out!

Quick snap card holder in Picnic

Her products are totally customizable! You can pick a paper from her huge Flickr set  and then just pick which type of product you want it made into. I purchased this wallet:

Long wallet with zipper in Walk in the Park

And then I custom orderd a quick snap pocket in a paper that is no longer available. So I will have the only ONE!! BWAHAH!

And how cute are the ID holder keychains? I had something like this in college and it was awesome. It’s the perfect size to take a $20 bill, ID, credit card and keys anywhere.

ID and card case keychain in Frosted

I think these would make absolutely fabulously cute bridesmaid gifts. You could pick custom paper for each, and at $8 for the quick snaps, $12 for the ID case keychains and $24 for the wallets, they are an absolute steal! AND she will give you a 10% discount if you tell her how you found her shop. I also love it that they are inexpensive enough that I can just order a new one when I feel the desire…..

Which one is your favorite from her Flickr set?


Gorgeous Kiev poster February 3, 2009

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Oh my gosh look at this!

JHill Designs has the coolest posters in her “Places I’ve Never Been” series. And one of them is *gasp* Kiev, Ukraine, and her poster features *gasp* a psyanky theme!! I did, literally, gasp out loud. Put this baby on the top of my WANT list!

I know this is a small print (you can see her whole page by going HERE) But the print below it says:

SPEAK ukrainian FLY 3,432 miles EAT apricot pompushky DRINK infused horilka put on your thinking cap and decipher the pysanky drawings

I love it! Check out her site for some really fun prints from other places such as Galway, Ireland and Pittsburg. Really cool work.


Blue and Mustard inspiration! January 30, 2009

As every new internet-savvy bride-to-be is doing, I am constantly surfing around looking for inspiration on several different bridal blogs. One of my favorite is snippet & ink. Quite often they have inspiration boards– boards that tie together elemets of a different themes or color schemes.  I am still too spastic and haven’t figured out exactly what I want yet, so I am still surfing and collecting ideas.

This inspiration board from snippet & ink features the colors blue and mustard yellow. I have to admit, it’s not a color palette that I would have originally come up with on my own, but it’s just gorgeous if it’s pulled off correctly!

Aren’t those colors just gorgeous? (You can click on the photo for a larger look. The original page with photo credits is here.) I am not confident enough in my own style-ability to pull off something as cutting edge as this palette, (just one shade off on the blue or the mustard and it might look like a used diaper!) but I think it’s just gorgeous and has tons of possibilities.

What do you all think? Anyone else tackling a nontraditional, modern palette with success? I’d love to hear ideas!